Monday, 14 February 2011

Kings of Green

24 writers coming from all over Italy meet together at Lotras railroad yard to paint 11 tank wagons. Caktus, Deco, Giose, Jago, Kame, Macs, Magma, Maria, Mest, Nore, Phiesta, Poison, Reps, Ryo, Scel, Sera, Simba, Slork, Skard, Torbi, Trota, Uez, Zampetta, Zentwo are the writers involved with this job.
The result is “an open sky artwork” realised by following the eco-sustainability theme, which is not meant to be confined within a station yard, but that can travel along the Italian and European railroads.
KING OF GREEN 1.0 from Whole Train Press on Vimeo.

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