Thursday, 17 February 2011

FASHION: Husky Brown


Article by Charlotte O’Reilly  - Fashion Weekly
Posted: Jay 

Husky Brown Spy wear designer glasses hits the high streets today with fantastic reviews.  Husky has been in London this week and really becoming an iconic fashion figure for his style and eccentric image, as well has being a big name in the art world for his graffiti paintings on exhibition. To describe Husky with a few words would be difficult due to his loud party lifestyle and the company of his surrounding friends and fans. This week at the 2011 Brits Awards, Husky seen behind the stage drawing on a rock bands drum Kits with his thick black graffiti markers. Rumours have said that the drum kit belongs to drummer, but the truth as not yet been revelled.

When you look at many street artists from the UK, it’s amazing to see graffiti art become intertwine with music and fashion over the last 10 years with popularity. Husky Brown has taken his art skills onto a radical direction for a new range of eye wear to his heading. Fashion enthusiasts from around the world posted on the website have been wearing seen taking photos wearing shoes and various limited edition merchandise designed by Husky. His new latest designer eye wear collection; Spy Wear reaches the top views on the high streets has a must have item for the summer. 

Article by Charlotte O’Reilly  - Fashion Weekly 

Ozwald Boateng interview

above: Sammy modelling Ozwald Boateng bespoke suit in London 

“I’ve known Sammy for a long time, thanks to my brother Spiritual who introduced me to him personally. My brother lives in London and he’s on the scene, Sam has some cool parties in London and his fashion work his stylish. Sam is a talented individual and sets trends for the right individual. Sammy started his own company, I believe somewhere overseas and came back to England to work with Ozwald and when I visit my London people I always try to see Sam on my visit. - Husky Brown 

Ozwald Boateng said...

It is our high notch lapel, available in store now! This particular jacket was a bespoke piece for Sam, but very similar cloths in the same style are always available.

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