Wednesday, 16 February 2011


One night only… 100 x £100 artworks. Clever idea.
“The concept for Precious Damage is a simple one each artist has produced fifty works on card using a mixture of paint, paste and print which will be used to panel the walls of Red Bull Studios. The pieces all priced at £100 once purchased will be taken straight off the wall so over the course of the evening the installation breaks apart… so if you come fashionably late to this one then you’re going to miss out.”
More info over here…
Its important to support the photographers who document this scene. Sometimes just as much as the artists who paint the piece… so this should be a great exhibition.
More info to come on this exhibition but for more details head over HERE
Posted on February 15th, 2011
These are really nice and look great on the street…
Good work Ackers!
More from Kid Acne over there….


Posted on February 14th, 2011
After his recent solo exhibition in Barcelona Ripo (originally from New York) talks about his work and moving to Europe.

Pens and Needles…

Posted on February 14th, 2011
Looks pretty nice.  See you there…

Normal service will now resume…

Thanks so much to everyone who turned up to celebrate the launch of  issue 14 at East Gallery on Brick Lane. It was an amazing turnout and we hope you all had a great night out. (Pics to come)
Big thanks to the whole VNA crew and our freinds who helped out… Oh and to Becks and Desperados for the drinks.
All pre-orders of VNA 14 are being sent out today and tomorrow. Plus if you are in with a chance to buy one of the Sickboy Special editions, you should know via email later on today.
Normal service will now resume…
It’s this time of the year. The new issue featuring Sickboy can be bought here. And if you need more encouragement please watch this short cheerful visual and help us spread the word by posting it on your blogs, facebooks, twitters and twatters. Perhaps someone who’s epileptic fails to read the warning and sends us a nice fat lawsuit. Safe.

VNA 14 Sickboy Special Editions…

Posted on February 10th, 2011
Check it… this what you get for your £20.00…
Wait… £20? Yes, due to the increase in costs of putting together these “Special Editions” the price has increased slightly to £20.00
Oh yeah, the envelopes are part of a big piece by Sickboy “SAVE THE YOUTH SICKBOY”
Check out the different signiture variations…

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