Thursday, 29 September 2011


Blu @ Avant-Garde Urbano, Tudela, Spain

Under the watchful gaze of Christ, many people's minds are fused. This is part of the Avant-Garde Urbano festival, curated by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada; it will feature Suso33, El Mac, Filippo Minelli and Run Dont Walk. See more by Blu. artist: Blu location: Tudela, Spain images by Ana Alvarez-Errecalde 

akash Nihalani in India

Street artist: Aakash Nihalani location: India

artist: Husky Brown, location; London

aleria Urban Forms, Lodz, Poland
Aryz M-CityRemedChazme + Sepe SatOne + Etam crewKenor An superb festival in Poland; check out the website for more. artists: Aryz; M-City; Remed; Chazme + Sepe; SatOne + Etam crew; Kenor 

Monday, 26 September 2011

Interview with Husky Brown on Capital FM

Husky Brown visits Bristol over the weekend...

Award Winning Bohemian Street Artist Husky Brown spent this weekend visiting Bristol for attending the Red Bull Annual International Street Art Awards. There's been so much talk about Husky's work around the world from this British street artist with measurable reviews from recent press. When we discovered Husky Brown was in town' we invited him to speak to us on Capital, before he jets of to Berlin later this evening.

Sarah Haywood: Welcome to Bristol
HUSKY: Thank you, It's good to be in Bristol once again.

Sarah Haywood: You are here to pick-up your award at the Red Bull Street Art Conference today. Congratulations. Your work is incredible, Husky and your spray paint technical ability dominate a great style of art styles and history within your work. Watching you today at the exhibition was just pure genus and I've never seen an artist spray paint using to cans at the same time. How does your eyes and mind cope with getting accuracy executed so beautifully.

H: when I first started doing this I had to paint quickly when your canvas is the streets. Time is money. The longer you wait the more chance you will get caught, why I use to cans. I have to hands, so why put limitation on weapons, oh! sorry I mean; hands!

....Husky laughs)

S: Will be visiting Bristol again?

H: Bristol people are my kind of people. I'll be back in Bristol again soon. I've met some new friends today. Just call and I'll be back!

S: When you do please make sure to come and visit us at Capital.

H: No doubt!

Canvas by Graffiti Artist Husky Brown
Above: Husky Brown Spray painting wins award prize at the  Red Bull Urban Street Art Conference in Bristol

more work from Husky Brown exhibited in Bristol over the weekend...

....Husky Brown will be having a solo show in London's Notting Hill at the Graffix Gallery 2012 with a brand new collection for the new year...WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!

STREET ART: Phlegm In Zagreb PT.2, Rimon Guimarães In Brazil

Phlegm In Zagreb, Part II

Rimon Guimarães, Curitiba, Brazil

Kaid Ashton Freedom To Create...

Above: Kaid Ashton and Husky Brown collaboration

Kaid is a photographer who started the Home School Project to teach art to children in the slums in cities across the world. He photographs the children at the end of each class, provides them with a nutritional meal and displays their photographs and stories in cities across the world, drawing attention to the reality of the living conditions of a majority of the world’s population.

Kaid’s work has inspired hundreds of volunteers to continue his work after he has moved on to the next city. He hopes to inspire a hunger for change in young people from all ends of the economic spectrum, showing them how creativity can help to drive change. 

Works from Street Artist: Husky Brown, Blo, Escif....

Artist: Blo
Location: Teufelsberg, Berlin

Artist: Escif 
Location: Grottaglie, Italy