Monday, 28 February 2011

IRONLAK SHOP OF HORRORS - Brisbane, Australia.



The Wrinkles of the City is a world-scale project aimed to be presented in various cities around the world where human wrinkles as well as architectural, can be found. Before Los Angeles, JR has pasted The Wrinkles of the City in Cartagena, Spain (2008) and in Shanghai, China (2010). In Spanish, the project is entitled Los Surcos de la Ciudad.

Los Angeles is quite a new city, the second largest in the United States. Following Cartagena and
Shanghai, JR wants to bring his Wrinkles of the City project to Los Angeles in 2011. This time, the
purpose of the project isn't to meet witnesses of the changes that have occurred in the city or in their own lifes. Los Angeles is the place where the Hollywood myth was born, with its stars system, the glamour and the beauty being part of the identity of the city. For this project, JR wishes to oppose the wrinkles of old people living in LA and the marks of their past with the image of perfection or regenerated beauty in the XXIst century. For instance, in Southern California, plastic surgery is no longer a luxury but a lifestyle. It is now socially accepted, above all cultural and social barriers. With this approach, the most interesting part of the project is to spread these old wrinkled portraits in the city, using the gigantic urban development as a huge canvas. Contrary to Cartagena or Shanghai, JR wont paste on ruins or destoyed walls and buildings. The city is considered by planners and geographers as a forerunner and model for the development of American metropoles. The "City of Angels" appears as a laboratory of "urban postmodernism", that offers large new and recent walls to paste downtown and all around the suburbs. Considering JRÍs way of working, Los Angeles could become a real open air museum.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Husky Brown talks about the band The Bullitts (EXCLUSIVE)

The Bullitts are set to release their debut single which features Jay Electronica and actress Lucy Liu, and you can see the video by scrolling down and clicking below.

The group, which features producer and writer Jeymes Samuel and a host of guest musicians, will release'Close Your Eyes' in February 2011. The video is a re-edit of Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel's film Un Chien Andalou.

The song is the first to be lifted from their forthcoming debut album 'They Die By Dawn And Other Short Stories', which is due out in June 2011 and will also include performances by Tori Amos, Roisin Murphy, Passion Pit and Mos Def.

Meanwhile, The Bullitts will release a series of 'FlixTapes' on the their website The videos will see the likes of Lupe Fiasco,Roisin Murphy and Passion Pit performing over classic TV theme songs such as Taxi, The Professionals and Roald Dahl's Tales Of The Unexpected.

FASHION: Husky Brown


Article by Charlotte O’Reilly  - Fashion Weekly
Posted: Jay 

Husky Brown Spy wear designer glasses hits the high streets today with fantastic reviews.  Husky has been in London this week and really becoming an iconic fashion figure for his style and eccentric image, as well has being a big name in the art world for his graffiti paintings on exhibition. To describe Husky with a few words would be difficult due to his loud party lifestyle and the company of his surrounding friends and fans. This week at the 2011 Brits Awards, Husky seen behind the stage drawing on a rock bands drum Kits with his thick black graffiti markers. Rumours have said that the drum kit belongs to drummer, but the truth as not yet been revelled.

When you look at many street artists from the UK, it’s amazing to see graffiti art become intertwine with music and fashion over the last 10 years with popularity. Husky Brown has taken his art skills onto a radical direction for a new range of eye wear to his heading. Fashion enthusiasts from around the world posted on the website have been wearing seen taking photos wearing shoes and various limited edition merchandise designed by Husky. His new latest designer eye wear collection; Spy Wear reaches the top views on the high streets has a must have item for the summer. 

Article by Charlotte O’Reilly  - Fashion Weekly 

Ozwald Boateng interview

above: Sammy modelling Ozwald Boateng bespoke suit in London 

“I’ve known Sammy for a long time, thanks to my brother Spiritual who introduced me to him personally. My brother lives in London and he’s on the scene, Sam has some cool parties in London and his fashion work his stylish. Sam is a talented individual and sets trends for the right individual. Sammy started his own company, I believe somewhere overseas and came back to England to work with Ozwald and when I visit my London people I always try to see Sam on my visit. - Husky Brown 

Ozwald Boateng said...

It is our high notch lapel, available in store now! This particular jacket was a bespoke piece for Sam, but very similar cloths in the same style are always available.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Brits Awards 2011


New Street Art: Swoon Hits London

Swoon is a street artist hailing from New York who is well known for her intricate and lifesize what paste prints and paper cut outs of figures based upon people in her life.
Swoon, visited London recently and left four pieces around Shoreditch.   This piece is just off Curtain Road:
Swoon Street Artist London 4 650x433 New Street Art: Swoon Hits London
Swoon Street Artist London 1 650x433 New Street Art: Swoon Hits London
Swoon has recently been working in Haiti, assisting in the rebuild after the devestating 2009 earthquake and this piece on Blackhall Street perhaps portrays a boy that she met during this time:
Swoon Street Artist London 3 650x433 New Street Art: Swoon Hits London
Swoon Street Artist London 2 650x433 New Street Art: Swoon Hits London
Check out Swoon’s book which is available to buy on Amazon here. New Street Art: Swoon Hits London


One night only… 100 x £100 artworks. Clever idea.
“The concept for Precious Damage is a simple one each artist has produced fifty works on card using a mixture of paint, paste and print which will be used to panel the walls of Red Bull Studios. The pieces all priced at £100 once purchased will be taken straight off the wall so over the course of the evening the installation breaks apart… so if you come fashionably late to this one then you’re going to miss out.”
More info over here…
Its important to support the photographers who document this scene. Sometimes just as much as the artists who paint the piece… so this should be a great exhibition.
More info to come on this exhibition but for more details head over HERE
Posted on February 15th, 2011
These are really nice and look great on the street…
Good work Ackers!
More from Kid Acne over there….


Posted on February 14th, 2011
After his recent solo exhibition in Barcelona Ripo (originally from New York) talks about his work and moving to Europe.

Pens and Needles…

Posted on February 14th, 2011
Looks pretty nice.  See you there…

Normal service will now resume…

Thanks so much to everyone who turned up to celebrate the launch of  issue 14 at East Gallery on Brick Lane. It was an amazing turnout and we hope you all had a great night out. (Pics to come)
Big thanks to the whole VNA crew and our freinds who helped out… Oh and to Becks and Desperados for the drinks.
All pre-orders of VNA 14 are being sent out today and tomorrow. Plus if you are in with a chance to buy one of the Sickboy Special editions, you should know via email later on today.
Normal service will now resume…
It’s this time of the year. The new issue featuring Sickboy can be bought here. And if you need more encouragement please watch this short cheerful visual and help us spread the word by posting it on your blogs, facebooks, twitters and twatters. Perhaps someone who’s epileptic fails to read the warning and sends us a nice fat lawsuit. Safe.

VNA 14 Sickboy Special Editions…

Posted on February 10th, 2011
Check it… this what you get for your £20.00…
Wait… £20? Yes, due to the increase in costs of putting together these “Special Editions” the price has increased slightly to £20.00
Oh yeah, the envelopes are part of a big piece by Sickboy “SAVE THE YOUTH SICKBOY”
Check out the different signiture variations…

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How To Spray Paint Cars


Aerosol artists BAM (Hawaii) and VOGUE (Bay Area) transform this Lexus IS 350 into a piece of art with our MTN 94 and NITRO 2G.

Writing Graffiti

HALO - light-writing graffiti

French designer aissa logerot has developed ‘halo’ an LED light spray. instead of
spraying paint it has an LED that sprays light. not only can the LED’s brightness
be altered, but the colors are interchangeable. if the light doesn’t have enough battery,
users simply have to shake it to have energy again.