Monday, 10 January 2011

Husky Talks about French Photographer JR

I've always been a great fan of JR’s work over the years and his photography speaks to people with truth and reality.  As award winning graffiti artist myself, we both have this need to demonstrate risk, and that’s what make our work become better and calculated. Being a street artist has its challenges and will always be viewed has vandalism for those with ignorance. Thanks to myself, Banksy, JR, D-Face, Blu, Claws Money and Sheppard Fairy will take the street art movement global with commercial-mass appeal for galleries to have our street art placed in a gallery for show.  

I can’t speak for many artists but I started painting stop the boredom especially when you a teenager living in the 80’s. Those days were so limited back then, and the street art scene was very small and if you knew another set crew of graffiti artist in the block, you would be grateful for the competition. Now everyone wants to be a street artist, who feels that they are graffiti.

I love the game and touring around the world puts money on the table. If you have commitment and true dedication you can make a decent living from creating art. You have to always be step ahead and totally out there to do this. It’s cold on the streets and you sleep in the day to paint in the dark.  Once you prepared to overcome these issues then you may have a chance, but If I knew all the answers how to become a millionaire over night, then you better off dialling an 0800 number for the answers. 

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