Tuesday, 25 January 2011



Mark: Welcome once again to London. You are here at the exhibition to paint in-front of a street art audience and exhibit some of your latest work with other artists?

Husky: Yes, I’ve been here for a week now and I’ve always wanted to reside in London but my partner his scared of the London traffic; why did she want to marry a Graffiti Artist!  


Husky: I've moved from Manchester to Birmingham and spent a small time in London for a minute. London people are open to new ideas and accept the definition of being different. The city of London not will conform to standard traditions, and I’m not even a Londoner and these words arise confidently. 

Some galleries are down with street artists and want the best interest for us, and without doubt  carry a conversation with dignity. This may sound weird to you being a London reporter, but after being here for a few days and Sunday’s exhibition was what street makes exhibiting good art priceless to the audience. 

Husky: Will you be doing more Exhibitions in London?

Husky: Yes, defiantly I want to live in London, you and get to more things done here and it’s a creative place for me personally, and every time I leave something happens for me to return.

Mark: We were told that you will not make it LA next month?

Husky: Yes, that’s very true and I wanted to get to see Sheppard Fairy for a minute, but sometimes shit happens which stops the movement from happening, you know how it goes when obstacles delays the opportunities .

I'm going through a court case at the moment has you know and I can't leave the UK until March. You still will see my paintings hanged on the walls over their, just won't make a personal appearance as originally intended.

Mark: Anything else would you like to say to our readers?

Husky: Thanks to all the readers for pushing Husky Brown and thanks to everyone who arrived at the exhibition today. Check me out on www.huskybrown.com  www.twitter.com/huskybrown www.huskybrown.blogspot.com

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