Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Fresh Daily...Husky Brown promotes Urban TV Advert for iPad

(above) Graffiti Street Artist Husky Brown design application icon for apple software and Advertisement Agency

Graffiti Street Artist Husky Brown was captured with no escape on the reality television culture show 48 Hours by the production team of  LOUD Music Channel. The show has been piloted in the UK and some parts of Europe which has been a success for creative people. To describe in a few words their audience; students, mature adults and creative people. Or imagine channel 4, MTV and Apple under one heading with creative commercials and unique branding, they are now taking the show onto apps where you subscribe each month and you can watch and download full length shows for the iPhone and Blackberry user too opening an optional  programs too the iPad feature apps. The show will be online worldwide around mid April and will feature many famous celebrities and unseen footages from many well-known names in the art world. WATCH THIS SPACE! 

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