Friday, 21 January 2011

Husky Brown Interview for BBC News

We are always keeping our eyes close to the streets especially when you find something special. When you look around the streets of London and see some of the amazing artwork displayed around the backstreets of Brick Lane to name a few, you may just come across one artist in particular who really takes graffiti art to another direction with pure finery. His name his Husky Brown and we have been fan of his work since he hit our radar.
Working for the BBC in the UK, we had the chance to speak to him and find out the world of Husky and the forthcoming exhibition. - 

Jane Murray – Journalist (BBC)

Jane: Why did you feel doing a solo Exhibition for you in the UK is so important has a Street Artist?

Husky: Doing a solo show is important as if it’s your debut; I’ve been doing many exhibitions, galleries, or placing my work in derelict buildings for the public for a while and its only right to give the people what they really want from Husky without getting caught-up with the celebrity hype because I roll with rap stars and rock bands. When I won the Belton Street Art Award helped highlighting my name globally, so I’m giving back to the people the ‘Big Show’. 

Husky Brown - Graffiti Artist & Illustrator 

above photo: 
(left) Husky Brown 
(middle)  Mohammad Ali 
(right) Punch Records Executive

Jane: What can we expect from the exhibition with reference to your work?

Husky: You will see some new work especially from Husky and I will be exhibiting some personal favourites to reminisce. I will be doing a signing and Limited Edition Prints will be available for the people. I’m taking the show to three major cities in the UK in the summer in a top secret location. The venue crazy, I’m on some of that Banksy type shit at the moment when it comes down to finding the right spot for placing my work. My street team have cat eyes, so it’s all good. “Husky laughs”.

Jane: What do you think about other street artists taking art to big places?

Husky: To be frank, from the top of my head I like Banksy for his attitude and artists who push boundaries too inspire a positive movement. Swoon for instance; a female in the cold pushing the artistic skills with fantastic imagery on the street walls in New York subways and the streets. Elbow Toe with his cool sketches and pencils work, and Ireland’s Connor Harrington. I have a strong artist connection with all these talented individuals and they produce good work why I give them all respect.

 Street Art Exhibition 
2010 Coventry

- Janet Greenwood - Journalist