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Husky Brown talks first time meeting Graffiti Artist Mohammed Ali after the South Bank Show

"I'm glad to say all the years I've been doing street art and graffiti to becoming friends with one of my most respected Graffiti Artist and Birmingham Conrad, Artist Mohammed Ali. Living in the Midlands may seem like a small place to others, but to be true when you touring, creating or isolated in the studio your social time sometimes the gets the best from you when you are a successful working artist. Throughout many occasions I would be approached by many people who came to see my work exhibited in galleries and they would often mention; Husky and Mohammed needed to speak!   
Eventually the opportunity risen and the conversation happened, myself and Mohammed was talking on some serious political issues and believes, talks about being a graffiti artist from Birmingham and the purpose of our roles in the community, the unity between cultures. One of the best conversion's with another Artist to date.  I knew from that day visiting the V&A  Street Art Exhibition in Coventry, Mohammed his a good guy and good for art. Jamaican and Asian unity happened that evening and a look for people to come together  without  discrimination or prejudice". - Husky Brown 
Artist Mohammed Ali, recent winner of a South Bank Show Award, has produced a series of graffiti murals on the streets of Birmingham, highlighting the recent Gaza crisis, and supporting Palestinian people.
The murals were sprayed on private walls in inner city areas of Birmingham, with slogans such as 'Free Gaza' and 'Free Palestine'. Artist and community consultant Seeyam Brijmohun writes about the impact of the recent Gaza murals on the community:
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali is a Birmingham based British graffiti artists who sprays messages which are greatly received by communities in Birmingham UK. In the tradition of graffiti, the paintings are on walls located on routes with high human traffic and are more appealing to the younger generations.
Graffiti has traditionally been subversive as it battled with authority. Leaving graffiti tradition behind, the Gaza graffiti collection was not subversive because permission was sought from the owners of the all walls before the execution of the paintings. 'Legal graffiti' has become common practice as its popularity has been cultivated within contemporary arts.

Mohammed Ali’s art has been described as ‘building bridges between communities’ especially in areas where faith and race relations have suffered in recent years. He is known for merging graffiti style with Islamic art. He has painted street-murals across the globe from Melbourne to New York and is known internationally for his unique fusion style. Tony Panayiotou, Director of Diversity at Arts Council England and one of the judges for the award, said:
“The Arts Council is committed to placing diversity at the heart of the arts in England. Mohammed Ali is an exceptional visual artist and a pioneer of socially-conscious art with messages of peace, unity, brotherhood, hope and healing. By fusing street art with the calligraphy of Islamic script, Mohammed’s work appeals especially to the young, the future of our country.
“His work explores issues around faith and secularism and concepts of the East and West, in a style that he calls ‘urban spiritual art’. Mohammed Ali is an artist with an increasingly international reputation and he thoroughly deserves this prize and recognition.”

On collecting his award, Mohammed Ali said:
“It’s an honour to accept this award and I dedicate it to those people whose voices are not often heard in the mainstream. The art that I do is for everyone, it is universal. I truly believe that art enhances people’s lives and brings communities together and I hope that my work continues to inspire people from all walks of life.”
Now in its thirteenth year, the South Bank awards aims to reward British talent and achievement across the arts in fields such as classical music, comedy, literature, film, dance and visual arts.
The Arts Council’s diversity award celebrates outstanding achievement by a diverse artist or organisation that promotes diverse groups and cultures in any category of the arts.

For more information on the art of Mohammed Ali visit:

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