Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mixed Media / Husky Brown / Aaron White


Aaron White, born in Culver City, CA in 1967 and living in Los Angeles, captures the essence of the urban art movement. He is the son of abstract expressionist painter and beat poet Saul White and spent his early years in Woodstock, NY. As part of his bohemian experienced he was surrounded by well known New York school artists including Willem DeKooning and inspired by Robert Rauschenberg and other post-expressionist, pop artists. His mixed media work is influenced by graffiti, street art, Mexican murals and cartoons, representing a new wave of art-making which is exuberant, dark, poetic and electric. The richly layered and textured work is characterized by a distinct cast of characters set against contrasting and intensely colorful backgrounds amid chaotic compositions. White studied art at the Otis College of Art and Design, formerly known as Otis Parsons. He has been featured in the LA Times, Thrasher, Surfer and Rolling Stone magazines. His most recent exhibition, Electric Wasteland Urban Art From L.A., was at Monserrat College of Art Gallery in Massachusetts. He has done advertising campaigns for the likes of Converse Sneakers, Hurley Clothing, Fox Sports Broadcasting, Nickelodeon television and MTV.


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