Friday, 18 March 2011


I've always loved travelling to and from various places on the globe where my work can reach many cultures and people from around the world.  When I saw the taxi in India, I new straight away this was going to be street art transported through the city and the police was around at the time wondering what we was doing with large paper prints and paste buckets.  The locals were cool and the kids got involved with being part of the project. Families came out to watch me paste an African Women on the side of his transportation, and tourist became attracted to the moment. It’s beautiful partnership bringing cultures together, using the large scale photographs to communicate within memory. 

The poster “What My Eyes Can See” was for an article I read about a young man being beaten in Prison from guards for stealing food. There was loads of controversy surrounding the story and everyone had their own interpretation.  I later spoken to one his family members and requested a photograph of the prisoner, before he died, and felt his image would shadow India.
People from cities gathered around and started praying, under the wall poster, which felt surreal. I knew spray painting or large paste throw-ups were no-longer a game, and people can be touched if it’s done with the right intension.

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