Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Husky Brown In Paris: Street Art Exhibition Pays Tribute to Jean-Micheal Basquiat

Situated in the centre of the Gallery the 8ft high giant tea cup painted in the style and tribute of Basquiat by British Street Artist Husky Brown. The giant tea cup painted in the style of Basquait by Husky as become the talk of France and the world with a standing applause from a cue of vistors to see Husky’s gallery installation held in the exhibition.  

Interview With Husky Brown // FRENCH MAG
Husky: When I was invited to be part of the exhibition and have a place in a Paris was an invitation I couldn’t refuse due to having a lot of friends and good people in France who support my work, following me around the Paris while I'm here for a few days. The work you see in the gallery was to help introduce to new artists from around the world the effect Jean-Michel Basquiat made to the beginning of street art back in the early 80's

FB: where did the idea come from to place amazing large scale 8ft tea cup in the centre of the gallery?

Husky: It was just a spontaneous decision which came to mind. When I visited France 2001, I became addicted to the fresh rich milk over here and loads of cups containing hot chocolate and nice tea. The café bar lifestyle like many visiting tourists without sounding rich, but loved the difference and the food. I'm 6ft3 and slim, but old Skool!


....The idea was to bring some humour to the exhibition and take you into something random. Why paint solely on canvas or wood when street art has no rules for questions! Has you witnessed this afternoon with the live demonstration when I painted the white cutlery set with my black markers, was just an example of me having fun and trying to get some new people into the humour of street art for a minute. Basquiat knew how to make serious messages be not-threatening by his large cartoon display on show and I wanted to try and bring this back in memory today.


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