Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Buff Monster Coming to London soon... 


I recently completed a big mural with Else ICR and I'm particularly proud of it. This is probably the hardest wall I've ever painted, but it was really great working with a legend like Else. This is the first time since my graffiti days like 15 years ago that I painted a name on a wall.

My Omis will be available Friday, March 4th at 10am PST. Get yours here.

My lovely inflatable ice cream cone is now available. Its a whopping 52 inches tall and comes in a rad pizza-sized box. Sweet!!

It was 10 years ago, sometime in late January 2001, that I first drew the little Buff Monster character (Above are some of the original drawings, which I've never shown before). Shortly thereafter, I drew him on some flattened spray cans and went out and nailed them up. I had already put up hundreds of posters of a different theme, and painted tons of graffiti by then, but that was the beginning of new era for me. An era, in which, you’ve come to know me, and my art.

I hadn’t even graduated college at that point, and I’ve done a lot in the last ten years because of that little drawing. I’ve ordered (and sold) thousands of stickers and buttons, I’ve drawn countless drawings for people, I’ve silkscreened and put up thousands of posters. I’ve designed and painted a bunch of toys. I’ve done countless interviews in all sorts of media, travelled the states and to very far international places to sign and paint live. I’ve met tons of happy people. I’ve packed and shipped hundreds and hundreds of orders from my website. I’ve made some fun paintings, and showed them at some of the best places around, and sold them to very good collectors. Back in 2006, I got too busy for my day job and quit; I haven’t looked back since. It can be fun, but if you follow me on twitter, you know just how much I work.

I first started making my “10x10 panels” in 2005; it was a suggestion from my dad. Back then I would cut all the wood myself, borrowing a chop saw from one friend and a table saw from another. I’ve made a bunch of those panels, though never more than around 30 per design; a few of those designs I may have made 50 of. For such a simple object, they really do take a lot of work. Lately I’ve been wondering if I should continue making them. I haven’t made up my mind, but I did think that it would be fitting to create a special 10-year design. And I’m going to release them on my website, which I’ve never done before. Each comes in a special hand-silkscreened box, which I’ve also never done before. They’re all signed and numbered by me.

This Thursday (the 17th) at 10am PST, I’ll release the half of the edition (#1-#15) on this website here. Each is $275, plus shipping and handling. Each panel will ship with a new sticker pack (see below).

The almost 100% new 2011 sticker pack is available here.

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