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You must have seen the news a few weeks ago for the work Kaid Ashton in Taiwan. Well when you thought things could not get no better for the biggest names to be exhibiting their work around the world have now becoming the biggest talk on Twitter. Never been seen before from two talented artists, British award winning artist Husky Brown and Taiwan photographer Kaid Ashton have collaborated with true street art and photography together on a recent project to be exhibited around the streets of Taiwan and the UK.  

Another humid summer night in Hong Kong and another fly-poster is discretely pasting what looks like a photograph of an emaciated girl onto a wall on a busy side street.He is unassuming Canadian street artist Kaid Ashton, and the subject in the print is a young girl he recently photographed in the Filipino capital, Manila. For the past seven years he's been traveling to some of the world's most dangerous slums documenting the people he meets with his camera. He then posts his work on walls around the cities he visits.

"But this is no ordinary fly-poster". - CNN World, 2011

Photo: Calibration Poster: Husky Brown and Kaid Ashton 

Husky Brown is an accredited and revered bohemian artist.  His ability to use an aerosol spray can with skill and precision is incredible; it has changed the meaning of the word ‘Graffiti’ forever.  “Husky is beyond our imagination and someone with eclectic magnitude. We are fortunate to witness an incredible and gifted artist” (Art & Culture Magazine – Sonya Devonte, 1989).  A Midland resident and winner of the 2010 National Belton Signature Award,  Bohemian painter and illustrator; Husky Brown has become very popular for his flamboyant party boy lifestyle and high calibre celebrity friends. 

He has been credited with transforming vandalism into something beautiful and has attracted major publicity with his ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ eccentric persona. However; after having had the pleasure of interviewing Husky, it soon became obvious that there has always been method behind his apparent madness. In Britain the Hip Hop culture quickly embraced Husky and envied his political beliefs and activist behaviour, stirring interest with musicians and actors worldwide.  Husky’s most recent exhibitions in both London and New York were received well by critics. With his Bohemian-fine art graffiti style, Husky has managed to achieve the impossible; his “Fall from Grace” collection is a metamorphosis of traditional Pre-Raphaelite techniques; you truly have to see it to believe it. 

With a catalogue of fine art masterpieces under his belt and a number of detailed collections that capture both the beauty and vanity of the urban streets of England; this extremely talented and underestimated artist refers to his particular style of work as Urban Bohemian.  When questioned further about this unique style and technique, Husky replied “Art must be constructive to be criticised or it’s not worth the publicity or the paint. People search for a personal connection with art; as such it has to be interactive, both communicating the artists' vision through the paint; whilst also allowing for personal interpretation. A musician will play his guitar hoping for applause; I paint in silence for the people to hear my music in their own words.  An interviewer once told me that great artists only get the recognition they deserve once they are dead; a painters destiny? I do this just for the love of the game, its hip hop, a culture of unity. My work reflects the different stories I see around me; I spray poetry on the canvas; that’s why I can’t be a traditionalist.  Times have changed; graffiti and vandalism are not the same thing anymore.“

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