Friday, 5 August 2011

3,000 people comes out to see work from street artist Husky Brown @Secret location...

Dirty Cans gallery is really setting out with no boundaries to street art. Last night in the Midlands based at a secret location, street art enthusiasts waited very patently for a text message quote "I'm In! with directions to the biggest opening solo show for the artist Husky Brown.  When we arrived after trying to find parking, too be blown away by the crowed and security surrounding the venue itself. We've read many stories about Husky himself and his work, but wasn't expecting so much hype from this Bohemian street artist. Has two journalist from LA, left us spellbound with sight of so much creativity and cleanness with his work stemming from spray paint, oils, and Graphite pencils all executed with perfection. Many of his paintings really stood out than seeing the same stencil cut-outs you see on many back streets, in the US and UK. Watching him paint live after being sounded by gangs of camera's and mobile phones, we was fortunate to see the man at work with ease.

..."something I did a few months ago commissioned for the opening of Dirty Cans Gallery, most people know my work and I have signature pieces which will always stand out, I believe? I came open to the public around 93'. London underground street art scene started to give me props around 2006, after spending a short time residency in West London. I just did my thing and stayed humbled before going out of control and painting every spot my arms could reach, galleries did'n't want exhibit my work but wanted me to be around drinking fancy coffee from M&S and someone who looks cool; because I'm rockin' a mad afro and I can rap freestyle lyrics for joke!   

Due to I was in a gang at the time and my people was not artist/writers but instead on thug shit! the galleries felt I would bring the wrong kind of image to exhibitions due to certain party members  reputation. I had to build a strong team and hire a few pretty white PR girls to get my art deals at the beginning with illegal money being exchanged. Eventually things started to improve and my name got global after doing the Biggy Smalls memorial piece. This moved onto doing the large scale wall throw-ups on the streets to finally getting calls from galleries and magazines"

-Matt Keane (LA Reader)
More work from Husky Brown:

Oil Street Art Painting By Artist Husky Brown 

Illustration Poster By Artist Husky Brown for Don't Panic

Amy Winehouse Memorial Tribute Taxi Artwork By Artist Husky Brown

Street Art Wall Mural Artist Husky Brown 

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