Monday, 18 July 2011

Husky Brown video choice at Exhibition gathers large crowed...

Husky Brown latest art exhibition in Bristol today with a full sell-out attendance makes big impact after his busy weekend at the Love Box Festival in London. His year has been incredible so far, especially for receiving an prestigious awards for his spray paint art collections and large wall murals around the world.  Husky's latest show "Crack City" leaves a dark edge to the world of Husky's imagination and shocking paints and visuals to have his audience once again in total astonishment of his story telling work placed on many canvases and surfaces to identify. The doors was opened for private viewing 12am this evening and by the mass attendance of Husky Brown followers seemed like an afternoon carnival was taking place in the middle of the street, with a large visual outdoor show before exhibition entrance.
(source: Julie Adam, Art Publication Journal, London)

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