Thursday, 9 June 2011



I’m privileged to get invited to travel the world with my artwork, i’ve met and hung with some amazing people, so when I got invited to participate in the ‘9th Festival Arte en la Calle’ Quito, Ecuador, it seemed a hell of a far off destination to hit, added to the complications of the language barrier, what I was expected to do in Quito when I arrived was vague, ‘paint a car’ was as much as I knew, so I packed heavily and went as prepared as the best Scout could do. I boarded the first of 4 flights to Ecuador, half expecting to arrive in Quito and be bundled into the back of a car in some elaborate kidnap or smuggler mule plan… I couldn’t have been more wrong… I was greeted by smiling faces and warm hearts… not to mention the most amazing scenery… a sprawling city nestled in the belly of a valley shadowed by snow caped mountains and volcanoes… and the thinest, most polluted air my lungs have ever breathed…
4 days to get busy in the city… and on the 5th day live paint a car at the Festival in front of a sprawling crowd… great that bit I lost in translation… still in a city where the cops can be bribed with $20 and it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission, every wall became fair game… oh and it helps hugely if you have a brother in tow who not only speaks Spanish but has a charm not even the law can avoid… massive shout to Uri… or NY*Face as he’s known… more, much more to follow.
“Rolling around town throwing up some posters was a nice ease into the city, a few disapproving frowns and harsh spoken Spanish words fell upon these deaf English ears and I blindly carried on… sometimes it’s good to not be able to translate… not often, but sometimes… late in the evening I stumbled upon this spot, bang in the center of the city and with a ton of passing traffic, Uri bowled in and managed to sweet talk the security guard ($5 helps) into letting me hit it and even lent me the heaviest ladder (made from 2 small trees) i’ve ever seen or used… we went back the next day and finished up only to be met by the owner… ohhhhhhhh shit… oh wait, he’s smiling… he shook our hands like we’d just married his daughter… well if we married his daughter he’d probably be taking shots at us… but either way he was happy… stay tuned or tune out for the next ‘thrilling’ installment…

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