Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Husky Brown Street Art hits big sales in Art Auction Today

The sunshine is definitely shining over the incredible graffiti street artist Husky Brown today in London.  With major demand and high calibre list of collectors and celebrities  biding today in Notting Hill Art Auction proves that street art is no longer underground. With artist such as Banksy, Swoon, JR, to many a few have taken the street art world to a global profitable stage. One artist in-particular who we've been watching his success lead with skills beyond basic stencils with illustration of true art technique with ease. His name Husky Brown made everyone raise hands, just for ownership of his work today with headline news. 

As a journalist writing for the Times, I've never seen so much attention from one artist, since Banksy's exhibition in LA. 

- Keith Day, Journalist, Times ART

Original Painting on Concrete SOLD


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